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Needle Felted Dogs


It all started in the summer of 2008. At that time I made my very first needle felted dog, inspired by a book.

I can make any dog you wish, just send me some pictures of animal you would like to get. You will be able to choose the position of your miniature needle felted pet. You can have it in any pose you would like.

I can also make a wide range of accessories for the dogs, these accessories does not include the prises below.

The material is pure Finnish sheep's wool. I often use the finer fibers to bring the "real feel" to models with longer coat . Almost all my dogs have a metal wire inside. That allows you to change the position of the model afterwards. The eyes are tiny glasspearls, they makes my models look more alive and each nose is sculpted from clay and handpainted.


Price List:


Size is measured from nose to tip of tail.

XXS ( 2-3 cm )  -  15 €

XS ( 4-5 cm )  -  20 €

S ( 8-10cm)  -  30 €

M ( 14 cm) - 45 €

L ( 20 cm) - 85 €


Or any dollhouse scale like 1:12 or 1:18. Most of these small scale animals are under 20€ each.


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