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Emilia Eskola


Kotka, Finland


You can make an order by sending me an email.

Include your message the following information:
- What would you like to order (pin, magnet, figurine ...) and possible photos
- What size?
- Requests of the animal's position?
- Any accessories for your pet?
- Please, tell me if your order is in a hurry. Normally it takes about 5 to 6 weeks before delivery.


Accelerated delivery:

If the product needs to be ready to ship in less than 14 days, I'll take a small extra charge.

Normal price of the product  Extra charge / one model
under 15 € + 2 €
15-25 € + 5 €
over 25 € + 10 €


Shipping and payments:

- After an order I'll make the desired product as soon as possible. When the job is done, I'll send you some photos of finished model. If you are not satisfied, just tell me what is wrong and I'll try to make it better.
- Payment (product and shipping) takes place only when the work is ready and has been accepted.

- I accept normal bank transfer (within EU)  and PayPal (+ Paypal tranfer fees).

- I'll ship the product as soon as payment shows in my bank account. I'll ship worldwide.


Shipping costs:

- Prices are determined according to the price lists of Finnish Post. I send usually the cheapest way possible. Note that Posti does offer tracking code only in large parcels, but I'm willing to ship as parcel too if high shipping cost is ok. Small items come are normally send as a normal class letter.

- I'll tell you the shipping costs before I start to make your model.




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